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Rebel Fortress

The enemies of the people are trying to destroy the Rebel Fortress. Shoot and destroy them and save the fortress from the evil armies. After each wave of enemy attacks repair the fortress and purchase new weapons to make defending easier.
Moonlight Wedding Dress Up

What could be more romantic than a wedding under the moonlight? It seems more magic, and thats why the two lovers have decided to unite their destinies in a very special, more nonconformist way than what is customary. Choose a nice outfit for a very special bride, according to this beautiful event in her life and help her to be the most beautiful woman for her husband to be. Enjoy!
Fumiko dress up

Fumiko dress up
3D Furious Driver

be the furious driver that only settles for the first place!
Choose Your Weapon 5

The Virus Has Transformed! They set up their own servers too! This latest installment in the Choose Your Weapon series has many new features, but the goal is the same...seek out the internet virus and destroy it - using 60 different weapons :) You always carry 4 weapons. Two are melee, and two are projectile. Smash, burn, claw, bomb, or face palm them on their own turf.
Wedding dress up

Wedding dress up
Bullet Car

Drive your transforming car through an apocalyptic wasteland with the power of a single key. Switch between bullet mode and car mode - use bullet mode to smash through gates and jump large gaps, making sure you land in car mode and roll down hills to increase your speed. Watch our for robotic sentinels who are out to destroy you. If you like Tiny Wings or Dillo Hills then there is a good chance you will like this new take on the idea.


Cave Crystal Drop

Drop yourself down into the cave. Bounce off as many gems as you can while avoiding villains. Make it through with as many points as ...

Kris Mahjong 2

Connect the two pictures by creating a path between them. Must remove all the tiles before time ends. The right course gives you extra time ...

Polar Bear

Complete the pieces of Polar Bear picture

Haunted Halloween Escape

A new escape game from TeraLumina. On a scary Halloween night, youre trapped in a frightening room. Can you escape this room of horrors and ...

Couples First Kiss

Dress up this young romantic couple with variety of plenty passionate costumes and fancy accessories.

Unicorn Castle

Decorate a castle in the middle of the unicorn fields. Theres magic in the air, and with fairies, dragons, and mythical creatures running around youre ...

Action Fashion

When words wont cut it, only swords and knives will! Dress up this fashionable warriors for a day of fighting and duels until theres only ...

Mysterious Treasures

Beware of the Pirates Curse while pursuing gold coins on the mysterious Caribbean island! The object of the game is to collect as many "HAPPY" ...

Fantasy War

Find the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.

Hidden Numbers House

Hidden Numbers House